Applications accepted through April 1st.

The Conscious Capitalism Consultant Certification program as a year-long, self-directed online learning experience for working consultants who want to use the power of Conscious Capitalism to help their clients elevate humanity.

The Conscious Capitalism Consultant Certification unfolds in 12 monthly modules including one for each of the pillars of Conscious Capitalism, and on additional key topics like Landing Aligned Clients, Measuring Impact, Managing Change, and Building Teams.

Candidates in the program can expect to spend 20-30 hours each month in study, conversation with peers and other program-related work. The program brings together a global network of accomplished consultants working together to elevate their effectiveness in Conscious Capitalism Consulting.

At the conclusion of the program, Certification is dependent upon each candidate demonstrating competency across three areas:

  • Test of Curriculum Comprehension
  • Demonstrated Success with a Client through a formal Case Study
  • A Recommendation from Client

Once certified, Conscious Capitalism Consultants will join a growing body of elite consultants working together to accelerate the adoption of Conscious Capitalism.

The cost of the 52-week program is $5,000 which can be paid either in full up front or in two payments of $2,500, one upon registration and the other at the 6 month mark.

*As a candidate, you will be required to read several foundational texts. The cost of these texts is not included in the program fee.

Applications accepted through April 1st

Meet Your Facilitator: Nathan Havey


After meeting the Firms of Endearment via audiobook while driving from Anchorage Alaska to Denver Colorado, Nathan Havey dove into the Conscious Capitalism world head first. Nathan has worked with a wide variety of organizations to bring the four pillars of Conscious Capitalism alive. His engagement with a $150 Million coffee franchise landed their Co-CEO’s on the cover of Conscious Company Magazine. He is the Writer/Director of the award-winning Feature Documentary Film Beyond Zero, and the Co-host of the acclaimed podcast miniseries 10 Things You Should Know About Stakeholder Capitalism. Nathan has been an enthusiastic participant in the Conscious Capitalism movement since he attended his first conference in 2013, and now Nathan is proud to partner with Conscious Capitalism Inc. to co-create and facilitate the Conscious Capitalism Consultant Certification Program.